A 100-day challenge with a community twist.

September 10 - December 19, 2021

Together, for 100 days, let's tweet our best community building tips, tricks, challenges, and experiences.

The twist is that this challenge is not about you having to commit to daily updates as an individual. We'll be tackling the challenge as a community, coming together over 100 days to share, collaborate, and evolve our approach to building communities.

Sharing what we know leads to special things: creating community, wonderful rabbit holes, and learning opportunities.

The #100DaysOfCommunity hashtag will unite us. We will learn. We will make friends. At the end of it, we will come away with a community-curated resource for the benefit of all.

How to take part:

  1. Introduce yourself
    Say hello and introduce yourself on Twitter using #100DaysOfCommunity or find our launch tweet.
  2. Sign up for the 100 Days of Community Newsletter
    Keep up with all the advice, ideas on what to share, and inspiration from others. We'll send regular, relevant updates. Sign Up.
  3. Join the community
    We encourage you to follow the #100DaysOfCommunity hashtag, engage, and connect with people there. Along the way we will also be sharing notes and insights on our Discord.
  4. Take part in the challenge
    At the heart of this is sharing what we know. Get involved by tweeting your best community building advice with the hashtag #100DaysOfCommunity.

Don't worry if you miss a day or start this mid-way through. Tweet when you can, and we'll do this together 💪🏽

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