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Empower your team to build a meaningful community.

Make community the engine for growth in your business.


Get a 360° view of organizations, members, and activity.


Use reporting to know the impact of community on your business.


Uncover trends and insights to refine programs and inform strategy.


A single, shared view of members and activity


Flexible reporting to gauge impact and prove ROI


Identify champions, uncover trends, and gain insights

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API and Webhooks

An API to bring your tools and data together.

Add members and activities from any source, pull enriched data from your workspace, and view underlying data from Orbit reports.


Rethink the role of community in your business

Today's fastest-growing companies are community-driven. They know that software isn’t sold but adopted. They create value and collaborate with customers wherever community happens.

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From the creators of the Orbit Model

Orbit’s unique approach is based on the Orbit Model, a framework to visualize and quantify your entire community so that you can scale high gravity communities.