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Announcing Panoramica: the open source universal inbox powered by AI

July 27, 2023
Patrick Woods
Co-Founder & CEO
Announcing Panoramica: the open source universal inbox powered by AI
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We know: there are a lot of buzzy words in this blog title, but we think they’re all super relevant to helping you better understand the tool we’ve created to help manage the ever-growing number of important conversations happening around the web. 

Today we’re releasing the beta version of Panoramica, a universal inbox for conversations across all your important channels.

With the Panoramica beta, you can view conversations across channels like Discord, Twitter (X?), and Github, all in a single place, while using AI to better understand what people are talking about, who’s talking to whom, and more.

Even better: it’s open source and ready to extend. 

Check out the demo and sign up for early access.

And if you’re a developer, you might enjoy the technical blog post as well.

Conversations: everywhere all at once

The way that businesses communicate with their customers and community is changing. We’ve evolved from a world in which impersonal, corporate communication goes from one to many, to one in which highly personalized conversations happen between company employees and the customers they serve at many different levels. Marketing might have conversations with the community on Twitter about an event, while product gets early beta feedback from customer champions on GitHub, and customer success collects testimonials from high profile users via Discord. 

In other words, customers and community are distributed across the platforms where they want to engage. 

Orbit has always been focused on unifying conversations and customer journeys across platforms. With Panoramica, we’re making it dead simple for everyone in your company to keep track of important interactions no matter where they happen. 

Panoramica allows anyone within a company to view the community communication that they care about, respond to the messages that are relevant to them, and when integrated with the Orbit Platform to drill down to identify specific community members for proactive outreach.

To accomplish this, each user can build custom views to track the conversations that are important to them. For example, a column showing a specific Discord channel, a second with the results for a Twitter search, another for all Twitter mentions, and finally one for activity on a specific GitHub repo. 

Deeper understanding with the help of AI 

While seeing this info in a single view is useful, you can also add an LLM to Panoramica for an additional layer of insight. You can give it prompts like: 

  • Summarize this lengthy Discord thread 
  • Summarize this PR 
  • Tell me what topics have come up in this Discord channel over the past 30 days
  • Which community members talk about X? 
  • Who should we loop in to this support ticket? 

And because Panoramica is open source, you can bring your own LLM and vector database to extend the core capabilities. For example, you could train your model on your API docs and use the LLM to craft a response to a GitHub issue that is aware of that context. 

Open, programmatic, and free

Orbit was built API first, from day one, in order to provide an extensible and customizable solution for community engagement. Our customers have built countless custom solutions using this API, and now we’ve built something we hope will help companies deliver a better community communication experience.

If you’d like to customize and commit to Panoramica, have a look at the README on GitHub to get started. 

If you want to try Panoramica today, there are a few options. 

Current (and future) Orbit users can connect your Orbit data and start using it free today by simply signing up at

If you’re a developer (or know someone who is), download the project from GitHub and run it on your infrastructure.

As always, we’d love to hear your questions and feedback, so we invite you to join our Discord community at

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