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Announcing the Orbit app for Stripe

July 11, 2022
Gareth Wilson
Director, Brand & Content
Announcing the Orbit app for Stripe
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Businesses today use dozens of products. As our Constellation Report found, a community team uses around 13 different tools to host, manage, and communicate with members. When community data is spread across multiple platforms like that, it can be hard—if not impossible—to understand an individual’s journey across all touch points. Orbit solves this by bringing all your community data into one place so community teams have a complete picture of each member. But how do your Support and Sales teams benefit from that essential context when working with customers? Without it, it's difficult to know how to appropriately respond to each customer.

Integrating community member insights with Stripe

The Orbit app is now generally available in the Stripe App Marketplace to integrate community insights with your payment data in Stripe, a leading financial infrastructure platform.

The Orbit app for Stripe integrates community member insights directly into your Stripe dashboard. So you, your Support, and Sales teams can get the context you need about each person and their community interactions from within Stripe itself

Get a snapshot of your community

See a community overview, including new member counts and activity charts from the Stripe Dashboard.

View a customer’s community data

See a complete view of each customer with their latest community activity and attributes like job title, social reach, notes from teammates, and recent activity, directly in Stripe.

Add notes and tags to members in Orbit

While on the Stripe dashboard, you can add notes and tags to members in Orbit.

By bringing your fragmented community data together in Orbit, you can get meaningful insights to provide a better member experience. And now, with the Orbit app for Stripe, other customer-facing teams can benefit from those insights too when working with customers in Stripe.

We’re excited to be launching as one of the first apps in the new Stripe App Marketplace and can’t wait to hear what you think.

Log in to your Stripe account to get the Orbit app for Stripe.

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