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Announcing the Orbit Startup Program

March 31, 2022
Jillian Friot
Customer Success Manager
Announcing the Orbit Startup Program
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Great startups are community-driven. They know that software isn’t sold but adopted. They create value and collaborate with customers wherever community happens.

But building a community and a startup can be difficult. You have to build a business model for something that hasn’t been done before, while creating a new product or service, and convincing others of your vision – all on top of getting the company up and running.

It’s no small feat; founding and scaling a company is hard. Getting those core systems set up shouldn’t be. 

That’s why we’ve launched Orbit’s Startup Program, which gives premium access to Orbit free for a year to eligible startups, empowering you to start and grow your community from the earliest days. 

The program benefits include access to the most powerful Orbit features, custom onboarding with a dedicated success manager, and access to a community of startups who are also building and growing product-led communities.

More than 4,500 organizations already rely on Orbit to drive growth in their business. We believe in the potential for the next generation of young and developing organizations to help move the industry forward. We’re proud to offer this new program to enable growing companies like yours to access the same tools being used to build communities for products like Okta, CircleCI, Typeform, Apollo, and Agora.

Over the past two years, we’ve learned a lot about the state of community, including the daily challenges of thousands of builders and the strategic role communities can play in businesses (our own, included). We’ve seen firsthand that the startups who make community a strategic priority unlock the potential to impact every part of their business and change their growth trajectory. 

We’re excited to build the future of community-driven companies, together. 

To sign up or learn more, please visit:

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