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April Product Updates from Orbit

April 26, 2022
Nick Johnson
Product Marketing Manager
April Product Updates from Orbit
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We're excited to announce three new features that will empower you to spend more time with your community members and improve productivity:

  • Saved views. You can now save and share your favorite filters on member profiles and activities.
  • Improved member merge suggestions. Compare duplicate member profiles side-by-side to quickly merge or keep separate.
  • Sort organizations by activity date. Quickly understand which organizations are most and least active in your community.

Let's dive in!

Saved views

Building a strong community is all about forging relationships. As community builders, it's important that you spend what little extra time you have engaging and connecting with your community, not wrangling and filtering data. We know your time is precious. That's why we're excited to share the release of Saved views, so you can customize your community workspace while saving time.

📈 Quickly find and share the filters that matter most

We've made it easy to find, save, and share the views that matter most to you and your team. Now, you can easily pull up and check in on the members that you care about without toggling the filters each time. You can even share this view with other members and teammates.

Here’s how it works:

Go to the Members tab where you can sort and add filters by date, activity, member tag, and more. When you're finished filtering, just click Save as New, and voilà, you have yourself a new saved view! If you want to share this view with someone else on your team, just send the URL and your teammate can add it to their list, too.

Not sure which saved view to make?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create a to-do list. For example, create a personal introduction list to identify new users who were active on Discord in the last 7 days.
  • Track potential ambassadors. Filter for users who sent a message on Slack in the last 30 days who are not currently ambassadors.    
  • Map your community by location. Create a saved view based on the community geo you are responsible for, such as Europe Discord Members.
📚 See the the Knowledge Base article on Saved views for more information

Improved member merge suggestions

It's natural that members connect with your community through several online platforms. Members may appear differently depending on the platform. For example, a member may use their full name on LinkedIn, but use a more common nickname on a Discord server, which leads to duplicate profiles in Orbit. It can take a frustrating amount of time to merge profiles manually. Orbit makes it quick and easy to save time merging profiles with Improved member merge suggestions.

✅ Review merge suggestions faster

😡 The bad news: Keeping track of member profiles across community platforms like Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, and email is extremely time-consuming and difficult to decipher—especially if members create multiple account profiles.

💆 The good news: Orbit eliminates hours of manual labor comparing account names and merging profiles. Quickly and intelligently unify profiles and remove duplicates with side-by-side merge suggestions.

Here’s how it works:

Just click on the members tab from the left hand menu and then navigate to the top right corner. Click on the merge arrow icon. This will take you to the new member merge page. The page will automatically suggest two duplicates side-by-side for easy comparison. You can choose one of four options:

  • Not a Duplicate: This will keep the two member profiles separate.
  • Merge: Selecting this option will merge the two profiles. Make sure to choose which one you would like to be the Primary Member. Information from the Potential Duplicate will be added to the Primary Member profile.
  • Snooze: If you're not sure about a member profile, clicking Snooze will automatically resurface the merge suggestion after 30 days.
  • Next: Clicking Next will take you to the next merge suggestion.
Review Merge Suggestions
📚 See the Knowledge Base article on merging duplicate members for more information

Sort organizations by activity date

Sometimes you want to quickly see which companies and organizations are the most or least active in your community to quickly prioritize who you want to spend your time engaging. For example, you can sort the First Active columns by "most recent" to quickly identify who you should send welcome messages to in your community.

Here’s how it works:

Click on the Organizations tab on the left-hand bar and navigate over to the first Last Active and First Active columns. Click on the Last Active column to quickly sort by the least and most active organizations with specificity on date and time of last activity. You can can also use the First Active column to sort by the date of first activity. This date and time will remain the same for an organization as long as its activity data is retained in Orbit.

📚 See the Knowledge Base article on organizations for more information

💁🏻 Getting help

All of these updates are available now in the app. If you need help, then the Orbit team is here for you. Please take a look at our knowledge base, or drop us a line to get answers to any questions you may have.

To stay up-to-date on future product improvements, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page👇.

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