Collaborating with Developer Relations: a Three-part Series

How DevRel can partner with Marketing, Sales, and Product teams for maximum effect.

Developer relations can serve as a force multiplier within a company, since DevRel folks routinely work with multiple teams across an organization. But without clear expectations and alignment, that impact won’t be realized, and lots of people will be left underwhelmed and frustrated.

To help companies better leverage their DevRel investment, we partnered with our friends at Heavybit, an accelerator and fund for developer and enterprise startups, to deliver a three-part series exploring the opportunities for collaboration between DevRel teams and their peers in Marketing, Sales, and Product.

Each article explores best practices and offers tips for applying each idea.

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Collaborating with Developer Relations Part 1: Marketing

Collaborating with Developer Relations Part 2: Sales

Collaborating with Developer Relations Part 3: Product