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Community Built: Real down to earth and practical conversations with community builders

April 8, 2021
Rosie Sherry
Community Lead
Community Built: Real down to earth and practical conversations with community builders
Welcome to The Observatory, the community newsletter from Orbit.

Each week we go down rabbit holes so you don't have to. We share tactics, trends and valuable resources we've observed in the world of community building.

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Hey, I'm so pleased I could steal your attention. I'm Rosie and I'm a big believer in the power of communities. 🙌

I've had my hands deep inside the trenches of building communities from the ground up. From meetups, to coworking spaces, to global internet and in real life communities, and now I'm super excited to have joined the team at Orbit with the stellar goal of enabling you to build better communities.

One of the biggest things I've learned along the way is the importance of enabling grassroots efforts to lead or influence the direction of where you take your community.

There is currently no shortage of people talking about community from a strategic or high-level perspective. The value that it brings. The reasons it needs to exist. And the theories and success stories.

Community builders don't need another theory – they need tools and tactics to help bridge the gap.

That's why we are launching Community Built — discussions focused on helping community builders take actionable steps towards building better communities.

First up, we are speaking with Charlie Ward. He's the founder of Weekend Club. What started as a casual meetup in the pub in London has now evolved into an online coworking community to help keep indie hackers accountable.

Patrick Woods will be joining me on this discussion where we'll dive into:

  • The idea behind the community
  • How Charlie got his first members
  • How he went from $0 to $2k MRR
  • The challenges of running a paid community alongside a day job

On April 15th at 9am PST we'll be hosting this discussion live on our Orbit Discord. We will be taking questions on the day and plan to record it too.

Register to attend live.

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