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Say Hi! Our New Discord Integration Just Landed

May 4, 2021
Chance Feick
Senior Software Engineer
Say Hi! Our New Discord Integration Just Landed
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Community happens everywhere. Offline and online, there's a growing and complex constellation of platforms where members gather. Keeping track of what's happening, who's slipping away, or what the outcome of different activities means for your community can be a real challenge.

That's why a key part of Orbit is our selection of built-in integrations, which make it easy for you to bring all these disparate data sources together. So you know who's active across different tools and can understand and act on community activity. We're excited to grow our roster of integrations today, with the release of our latest integration: Discord.

Now, you can add your Discord community members to Orbit and see them and their activity alongside that from GitHub, Twitter, Slack, Discourse, and everywhere else your community data lives via the Orbit API or Zapier and n8n integrations.

Import members and activities

So what can I do with the Discord integration? It creates a profile for every participant in your Discord server and an activity for each message, allowing you to see when they joined, the channels they are more active on, and the messages they posted. The setup allows for a granular configuration of which channels you want to be imported. This extends to Private channels too, which you can include when the Orbit role is granted.

Members are automatically created when someone becomes active on Discord for the first time if they don't already have a profile in Orbit. We'll try and merge profiles where we can match details from across other sources for those that do. We track all key actions, like when they joined the server or sent and replied to messages. All activities link back to their original messages on your Discord server, so you can easily follow up on a discussion or say hi to a new member.

Dig into Discord data in reports

Once the data's in Orbit, it'll show up alongside activities from all your other sources. On the Member Profile page, you’ll see their Discord username, and their activities are listed in the timeline.

Discord activities and members are included in reports, too, so you can get a full understanding of engagement across channels. Discord is also added as a channel filter option, so you can create reports that dig into more detail or focus on Discord-specific activity.

Since we're now tracking this data, it's included in Orbit Model charts. So you'll see how Discord activity changes your Love and Orbit Level scores, giving you a clear understanding of its impact on your community.

Try it out

It's been in beta for a couple of weeks, being used by folks at CircleCI, Gatsby, RedwoodJS, n8n, and now, it’s available to all Orbit users.

To add the Discord integration to your workspace, click Add Integrations from your workspace settings page, then click “Connect Discord.” To make sure you're getting all you can out of it, check out our user guide.

Thanks to David Thyresson, Jeremy Meiss, and every beta tester for all your useful feedback during the integration’s beta.

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