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Download these Orbit Model icons for your Slack workspace

February 26, 2020
Patrick Woods
Co-Founder & CEO
Download these Orbit Model icons for your Slack workspace
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You can tell a lot about a person by their choice of Slack emoji. Is :thumbsup: your go to, or do you always bring the :congapartyparrot: energy?

For many teams and communities, custom Slack emoji have become an integral part of a group’s online culture, and that’s true for the Orbit team as well.

As part of our series on DevRel workflows (one about swag and another about monitoring GitHub), we created a handful of custom emoji to make the bots and alerts really pop. Shoutout to Dustin!

Here they are:

Orbit Custom Emoji

We think they’re super fun (especially StarBot and SwagBot), so we’d thought we’d make them available for the community to use in their own Slack channels.

If you’d like a little Orbit energy in your own Slack, you can download the Orbit Emoji here.

Here are the names we use to summon our custom emoji:

  • orbit-chart
  • orbit-starbot
  • orbit-swagbot
  • orbit-reach
  • orbit-star-outline
  • orbit-star
  • orbit-syntax
  • orbit-love
  • orbit-fire
  • orbit

If you need help adding custom emoji to your Slack workspace, checkout this tutorial.

If you decide to use these sweet icons, please just give us a shout on twitter @OrbitModel to let us know. Bonus points for screenshots!

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