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New Integration: GitHub Discussions

May 3, 2022
Nick Johnson
Product Marketing Manager
New Integration: GitHub Discussions
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Every day, we work to connect you to the places community happens. Whether that's in a forum, on social media, or in person. It's not enough to just track comments and likes, we want to bring the value of full conversations and debates to life, so you can easily prioritize community events and content. That's why, we're excited to announce another out-of-the-box integration with GitHub Discussions, so you can bring rich conversations from your product community into Orbit.

💬 Integrate rich conversations from GitHub

Product and DevRel teams rejoice! We're bringing GitHub Discussions into Orbit so you can see all your members' GitHub conversations in one place. You can see newly created discussion topics and comments. In addition to other day-to-day activities like comments, issues, pull requests, merges, and forks.

✅ Here’s how it works

Support for GitHub Discussions is available to both new and existing users of our GitHub Integration. New users will get Discussions support out of the box as soon as GitHub account has been connected. For existing users, once you have accepted the new permissions for the GitHub integration to activate Discussion support, we will import any Discussions activity for all the repositories you previously connected to Orbit.

❗ Important information for existing GitHub Integration users

For existing users of our GitHub integration, you will soon receive a notice from GitHub to accept some new permissions. Once those permissions have been accepted, you will be able to add GitHub Discussions activity to your Orbit workspace.

An example of the email GitHub will send to any existing users of our integration
📚 See the Knowledge Base article on GitHub for more information

This update is available now in the app. If you need help, then the Orbit team is here for you. Drop us a line to get answers to any questions you may have.

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