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New: Send Twitter DMs directly from Orbit

November 1, 2022
Patrick Woods
Co-Founder & CEO
New: Send Twitter DMs directly from Orbit
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Answering questions, shouting-out contributors, and jump starting conversations — these are just a few ways community builders use Twitter to engage and grow their community. 

But perhaps the most personal and powerful is sending a thoughtful DM to say “Welcome to the community, “Thanks for that contribution,” to start a discussion, or to send a personal invite to an event. 

Today, we’ve brought the power of a personal touch into Orbit with our new Twitter DM feature. Nearly 3,000 Orbit workspaces take advantage of our Twitter integrations, so we hope this will have a big impact on the practice of community building. 

So far, our Twitter integrations let you monitor activities like follows and mentions, and to listen for important keywords. Orbit provided that single pane of glass through which you could see everything happening in your community on Twitter.

With the new Twitter DMs feature, you can now take direct action on Twitter, right from inside Orbit. There are two ways to use the feature:

  • Send individuals DMs from the Member Profile page
  • Send bulk DMs from the Members Table

For the individual use case, I keep an eye on our Activities feed as well as our Most Active and New & Promising Members, and send them DMs to say Hello and ask how I can help.

And here’s an example of the bulk use case: if you’re going to New York and want to have dinner with community members, you could filter by location and find members active on Twitter and Discord, then send them all a quick DM.

Orbit Twitter DM

And to help keep your team from stepping on each others’ toes, we keep track of who’s messaging whom, and make that visible right on the member profile.

Orbit Twitter DM 2

Orbit’s community intelligence is most valuable when it’s actionable and impactful. That’s why we’re pushing to bring more action inside the product to save you time and make reporting easier. You can read more about the feature in our Twitter DMs Knowledge Base article, keep up to date with all our new product releases in our Orbit changelog, or check out the Members tab inside Orbit to see Twitter DMs in action. 

Finally, for a deep dive, check out this video to see Kelly walk you through the feature:

Note: This feature is available for Growth plans and above. If you’d like to learn more, check out our pricing page or contact us.

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