International Developer Relations Day 2020 has been cancelled

Developer Relations
April 1, 2020
Josh Dzielak
Co-Founder & CTO
International Developer Relations Day 2020 has been cancelled
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We regret to inform you that the second annual International Developer Relations Day will not take place on April 1 this year, following the cancellation of the entire day of April 1st 2020. All ticket sales will be refunded, even though no tickets were actually sold.

To learn more about the inaugural event in 2019, please read the announcement.

Hello WTF World!

There isn't much to say about the global situation that hasn't been already been said, or emailed.

It's a damned scary time and there's a lot of uncertainty right now for developer advocates and community managers. Layoffs have been happening. Tons of time, energy, and love have gone into planning events that will never happen. The members of our communities need us to be there for them as they navigate these waters.

On the bright side, a host of new tools and techniques are popping up to help do more DevRel online. Online-only conferences are ramping up including a potential DevRelCon Earth 2020. Courses are being made free to help people adapt and skill up. Companies are becoming remote-friendly faster, which leads to more places that DevRels can work AND less risk of being one of just a handful of remote employees. The notion of community itself (and why we need it) is stronger than ever.

People are stepping up in incredible ways to deal with this crisis. Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff are our heros. Check out John's Hopkins website to see ways you can support them.

Government leaders and public health officials are not all being heroic at this point (I won't name names) so we need to keep the pressure on. Check out to see how you can contribute or get involved.

"Public leaders & health officials: The only thing that matters right now is the speed of your response." —

Take care of yourself, stay safe, and let's all cross our fingers for the shortest April possible.

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