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Member Profile Enrichment: Manual vs. Automatic

May 5, 2022
Nick Johnson
Product Marketing Manager
Member Profile Enrichment: Manual vs. Automatic
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Richly detailed member profiles make it easier to observe and monitor the places where community happens. The more data points, the easier it is to conduct segmentation and analysis, interact with community members, and create more engaging content and events.

But, building member profiles can be an arduous task—especially if you have to manually wrangle and add accounts to existing profiles. As community builders and facilitators, we believe your time should be spent connecting and creating value for your members, not conducting tedious administrative tasks.

Enter member profile enrichment. All of Orbit’s plans from Starter to Enterprise enable Twitter and GitHub enrichment. This means that a member's profile fields will be filled out automatically if the member has a connected GitHub or Twitter account. It also means we will link the Twitter account automatically if it's listed on the GitHub account. Using Clearbit Enrichment—a third-party data enrichment service—Orbit searches and consolidates associated accounts in a member profile using just an email address.

Manual profile enrichment

All Orbit users can enrich their profiles. If you purchase our Growth, Premium, or Enterprise plans, you don’t need to lift a finger, all members are automatically enriched. If you belong to our free Starter plan, you need to manually enrich profiles individually. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the Members tab in the left-hand sidebar. 
  2. Click on the member you want to enrich. This will take you to the member profile page.
  3. Under the profile image, find Advanced Profile Enrichment and click Try It Now. This will appear if the member has an associated email address.
  4. This will open the Enrichment UI. Click Use this email to make a Clearbit enrichment request and verify the information Clearbit has found.
  5. If you're happy with the information shown, tick the checkbox and save the enrichment.
  6. Repeat for each profile you want to enrich.
💡 Orbit Tip: Watch the video tutorial to see how it works

Automatic profile enrichment

To unlock even more time savings, you can upgrade to one of Orbit’s paid plans to automatically enrich profiles without lifting a finger. GitHub and Twitter enrichment is always automatic no matter Depending on your plan, Orbit will automatically enrich profiles to the following limits: 

  • Growth: 2,000 member profiles/month
  • Premium: 10,000 member profiles/month
  • Enterprise: 10,000 member profiles/month

Once you have automatic email enrichment turned on, members who are created with email addresses will have their member profiles populated within a few seconds of being added.

For more information on profile enrichment, check out our Knowledge Base or one of our community events. See the table below for a summary of the types of enrichment Orbit offers in our different plans.

Want to save time manually enriching profiles? Upgrade to one of our paid plans for automatic profile enrichment.

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