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OOO for Winter Refuel Week

December 23, 2022
Patrick Woods
Co-Founder & CEO
OOO for Winter Refuel Week
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Next week Team Orbit will be out of the office for our annual Refuel Week. From December 26 through January 2, we’ll likely be a bit slower to respond than usual. But don’t worry: Orbit will remain operational and supported until we’re fully back on January 3

We’ll take time to refocus and relax, spending time with family and friends, catching up on reading, and probably getting a little extra sleep. 

And we’ll need it.

It’s been a busy December: we’ve released a new feature every weekday this month as part of our Avent(ure) Calendar. Here are some of our favorites from the month: 

Day 1: Webhook Actions. Send any member in your workspace to any other system of record, like ConvertKit, Customer IO and more.

Day 2: New & Improved Members Tab. Includes more powerful filtering in-depth search, a more skimmable design, and more. 

Day 3: Create Leads with Salesforce & Hubspot. Send leads to your favorite CRM, where Orbit data will live right there on the contact record.

Day 6: Official YouTube integration. Import comments on your channel’s public videos, including historical ones. 

Day 9: HubSpot Customer Sync. View Hubspot customer data in your Orbit workspace, including organizations and members who are customers, see the “customer since” date, and find new customer filtering options. 

Day 11: Automated and Scheduled Workflows. Automate common tasks like adding and removing tags, exporting CSVs, creating leads in Salesforce and Hubspot, and more. 

Day 13: Filter by Activity Count. Filter by how often the activity was performed —whether it took place for the first time; less than, more than, or equal to a number of times; or within a particular time frame. 

Day 15: Sentiment Report Beta. The report shows trends over time, as well as high and low sentiment members. 

Day 16: Create Member Lists. Lists allow you to hone in on a specific set of community members and keep track of the work your team has done with this group. Member Lists let you define custom segments, track the status of each member, and more. 

There’s lots more to come in 2023, so please join our community on Discord to connect with other users and stay up to date on the latest product releases. 

See you next year! 

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