Listen in as we go under the hood of the Orbit Model

March 12, 2020
Patrick Woods
Co-Founder & CEO
Listen in as we go under the hood of the Orbit Model
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Orbit CTO Josh Dzielak recently appeared on the Under the Hood of Developer Marketing podcast to discuss his perspective on developer relations organization structures, common mistakes, the Orbit Model, and more. Many thanks to podcast host Stathis and the folks at SlashData for having us on.

Topics explored include:

  • Where DevRel should live inside an organization
  • Cross-team best practices and boundary setting
  • Common challenges of of DevRel, and his biggest mistakes in the role
  • How and why to track community membrers across segments
  • How funnel is a model for capturing value for the company, and Orbit is a model for creating value for the community
  • Ways to start adoption the Orbit Model today

Click below to listen, and as always, give us a shout on twitter with questions or feedback.

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