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4 New Security Updates in Orbit

May 18, 2022
Nick Johnson
Product Marketing Manager
4 New Security Updates in Orbit
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We're excited to announce Orbit has four new security updates that make it easier to manage and protect member data: Two factor authentication, stronger password strength checks, workspace API tokens, and Single Sign On (SSO).

As a community builder, member security must be a top priority–from user logins and conversations to the community data itself. With a rising number of malware incidents and data breaches, community participation is dependent on the protection of your community's personal data. If community members don't believe their data is protected, they won't participate in your community.

Here's how it works

1️⃣ Stronger password strength checks

Malware incidents and security threats are on the rise. Creating a strong password will protect you and your community's data from malicious attacks. New password strength checks in Orbit, like a ten-character minimum and the use of at least one symbol, will make it harder to compromise your account.

2️⃣ Workspace API tokens

Integrations with 3rd party applications can introduce more security risks because you rely on other applications having similar security practices and standards. To safely take advantage of the benefits of 3rd party integrations, Orbit now has revokable APIs that allow any workspace admin to immediately end data sharing with third-party applications in the case of a security event. A workspace API token is not tied to a single user in your workspace, which means that your integrations won’t break if, for whatever reason, you need to remove a member from your workspace.

API token screen in account settings for Orbit workspace
📚 Learn more about Orbit API tokens in our Knowledge Base article.

3️⃣  Requiring Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for workspace users

Two-Factor Authentication prevents up to 99.9% of cyber attacks according to research conducted by Microsoft's security team. 2FA reduces your vulnerability to malicious cyber activity by removing opportunities for bad actors to re-set your password without your consent. Once required 2FA is activated, everyone in your workspace will be required to enable 2FA on their accounts to reduce risk across your team.

Two factor authentication screen in settings in Orbit workspace
📚 See our ChangeLog about 2FA to learn more.

4️⃣ SSO

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to connect their SSO provider with Orbit to securely streamline the login experience. Logging in using a unique, secure username and password across all your applications makes it easier to track and prevent isolate security incidents. SSO is currently available for Orbit workplaces with Enterprise plans. Contact us to learn more about this plan.

Single Sign On Screen in settings for Orbit workspace
📚 See the Knowledge Base article on SSO for more information.
All updates are now generally available. Feel free to reach out or join our community on Discord to ask your questions and learn more.

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