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Pinned Activities

Pin any activity on a member’s profile to surface important activities at a glance.

Chance Feick

January 21, 2021

As your community members get more active, so does their Orbit activity timeline. We heard your feedback that you’d like a way to keep their most important activities close-at-hand. Today, I’m happy to announce that you can pin any number of activities to the top of a member’s profile, helping you surface important activities at a glance.

Healthy communities see a lot of activity from their members, but as a member becomes more active across different platforms like GitHub, Twitter, Discourse, and Slack, their activities becomes more difficult to navigate. The timeline is a reverse chronological feed, so older activities can risk getting buried quickly.

Now you can always find the signal through the noise with pinned activities.

Pin Multiple Activities

You can pin any type of activity, whether created by one of our integrations like GitHub, or a custom type created by the Orbit API. There’s no limit on the number of activities you can pin, so that you can experiment with using pins for a variety of workflows.


Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

Here’s a couple of examples you might find useful:

  • 📝 For community builders, pin an ongoing note with your members.
  • 💬 For marketers, pin an important piece of content from your collaborators.
  • 👩‍💻 For open source maintainers, pin significant pull requests from your contributors.
  • ☝️ For personal CRMs, pin tweets you need to follow-up on.

These are just a few use cases of what you can surface. Pay it forward and pin any relevant information that can help provide additional member context to collaborators in your workspace.

How To Pin

To get started, click the existing actions dropdown from any activity:

Now we’re able to surface an important piece of content on a member’s profile, which also serves as a gentle reminder to follow up after Q1:

That's it! We look forward to hearing more about what you pin 📌

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