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The Big Community Tools Survey 2021

June 28, 2021
Gareth Wilson
Director, Brand & Content
The Big Community Tools Survey 2021
Welcome to The Observatory, the community newsletter from Orbit.

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It has been quite the year in the world of community. We're seeing the rise of community-driven business as more organizations make community a key part of their growth strategy. The global pandemic threw us all for a loop and forced events online. Meanwhile, crypto and the creator economy continue to change how communities come together and monetize.

Our craft is changing, and the platforms we use are too. So we're launching The Big Community Tools Survey to benchmark our toolsets, capture the trends and insights we need to know, and to share best practices.

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Share the survey with your crew

We want the survey results to represent everyone who runs a community, whatever type of community it is. The more data points that we can gather on the software choices of community builders around the world, the more useful the results will be to you and the wider community ecosystem.

So we're asking you not only to take the survey but for your help in spreading the word about it with the other community professionals you know. Drop the link to it in the Slack and Discord channels you're part of and share it on your social media:

About the survey

The survey is best completed on desktop and takes 6-10 minutes to complete. We know it’s a big ask, but we want to provide the most detailed look at what tools are currently being used. You'll get a full report covering the tools teams are using broken down by community size, program maturity, and other factors. So the learnings will be specific and actionable.

The survey will be open for a few weeks while everyone has their say. We appreciate your participation, and by way of thanks, we will be selecting ten respondents at random after the survey closes to get a $100 gift card each.

We’ll report back later with the results once we've had time to analyze all of the responses. Every respondent can optionally sign up to be automatically sent the report as soon as it becomes available.

On behalf of everyone at Orbit, we thank you for participating in The Big Community Tools Survey 2021. Here's to helping shape the future of community tools.

Make your voice heard. Take the survey now.

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