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Content / Technical writing


Hi! I'm Patrick I'm the co-founder and CEO of Orbit. Thanks in advance for your interest in working with us or a referral to someone who might 🙏

Our team is looking for someone to help us tell our story more effectively and broadly. That person might be a writer, a content marketer, a developer advocate, or some kind of weird and interesting mix 🧪 ⚗️

This is a contract position to start, and we're open to a project-based or hourly engagement.

We'd like help in two areas:

  • Orbit Model storytelling - help teach the world about our framework for measuring and growing their communities. This includes articles about how to apply the model, best practices, interviews with practitioners, and updates to the docs on GitHub.
  • Orbit product-centric content - the Orbit platform is powerful, and we'd like to do a better job of sharing what's possible. This includes how-to guides, feature round-ups like this one, and interviews with customers about how they're using our tools.

Here are some of our content efforts so far:


Orbit Blog - Introducing the Orbit Model Airtable Template

Orbit Blog - Slack vs Discord vs Discourse: The best tool for your community

Orbit Blog - How we use Orbit to build Orbi 👈 product-centric content

DevRel KPIs 👈 the #1 Google result for "DevRel KPIs"

‎Developer Love on Apple Podcasts


  • Tell us what makes sense for you

Interested? Email to setup time to chat.

Join us in Orbit.

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