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Developer Advocate


👋 Hello! We are hiring a developer advocate to help build awareness for the Orbit Model, application, and APIs and above all make our community members successful at building their communities.

This role is for an experienced developer advocate who has lived through many of the challenges that we’re trying to solve (like prioritizing DevRel investments and proving ROI) and will have deep empathy for our community.

Here are some signs that you might be a good fit for the role:

  • You have 3+ years of experience as a developer advocate
  • You have sufficient engineering skills to build demos, call APIs, and support other engineers in their integrations to Orbit
  • You love giving talks, creating content, and building relationships with the community
  • You have experience organizing online or offline meetups or events
  • You feel comfortable guiding and mentor other developer advocates when it comes to building their communities

Here are some of the things that you could expect to do:

  • Helping create the strategy and vision for all areas of advocacy including content, code, events, and community
  • Build integrations between Orbit and popular community platforms like Discord, Discourse, Slack, and more
  • Build apps on top of the Orbit API and create content that helps other developers and low/no-code users do the same
  • Create content around the Orbit Model that helps developer advocates and open source maintainers adopt and benefit from it
  • Build relationships with key Orbit community members and customers; seek out partnerships
  • Give talks at conferences that address the topics of open source and community building
  • Obtain model and product feedback from the Orbit community and work with the engineering team to implement it

Note that not all of these things will be asked of you or required. As former developer advocates ourselves, we’re intimately aware of the risk of burnout! Once you’re hired, together we will sit down and make a plan for how we want to focus our advocacy efforts, given the best knowledge we have at the time, and knowing that things may change at the earliest stages of building this kind of a program.

Why work at Orbit? Here are some of the reasons why we feel this is a special opportunity for the right person.

  • Instead of advocating for a particular technology, you will be advocating for advocacy and community itself. In a very real way you will be teaching the teachers, a meta-advocate of sorts.
  • You’ll have real influence over the product and what gets built. You’ll be using the Orbit model and application to build the Orbit community, making you Customer 0.
  • Orbit has an API that is used by a large percentage of users already, and all users are using at least one of our integrations. Orbit can be connected to almost anything that has member or customer data, making the possibilities endless for mashups and other projects.
  • Our engineering team takes community feedback very seriously and does our best to turn around feature requests quickly.
  • There’s no limit on creativity for swag and other things that recognize and reward our community. The more the merrier!
  • You’ll be encouraged and supported in creating open source projects by people with experience making them.
  • You will work with founders who have a deep appreciation for the work that advocates do, derived from their personal experiences. Advocacy is in the DNA of the company and everyone contributes to it. That translates to more resources for you to deploy in pursuit of your goals and less time trying to convince anyone of the value of DevRel or of your work.

Here’s some specifics about the role:

  • Competitive salary
  • Reports to the CTO
  • Remote-friendly or local in Paris or San Francisco
  • No visa sponsorship at this time

Based on experience and seniority, the title of this role is flexible. If you are looking for your next role title to be a senior / lead / director, we can accommodate that. Don’t hesitate to ask or let us know what you need.

We offer to all of our employees:

  • Flexible and family-friendly working arrangements
  • Excellent medical and dental benefits
  • Minimum 4 weeks of vacation per year
  • Maternity and paternity leave beyond what is legally required
  • Your dream hardware, software, and conferencing set up
  • Paid courses, books, and professional development
  • A personal community building budget

All of our roles are remote-friendly. The well-being of orbiteers is very important to us. If you tell us what you need to be happy and successful, we’ll try our best to accommodate.

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Our team

Our team is thoughtful with an action bias, and are backed by an amazing group of angels and investors including Heavybit , Harrison Metal , James Tamplin , Sam Ramji , Aghi Marietti, and more.

We are a seed-stage company with less than 10 employees. Our company is distributed with team members today in Paris and San Francisco. All roles are remote-friendly. We value thoughtfulness, kindness, diversity, persistence, and curiosity. We think space puns are out of this world.

Diversity and inclusion is critical to how we are building the company and how we think about the world. We strongly encourage candidates from under-represented groups to apply. We actively try to identify and mitigate the cognitive biases we know that we suffer from as human beings. We invest time in sourcing candidates from outside our networks. We aspire to be a company that under-represented folks are excited to work at, and we’re prepared to put in the work to make that a reality. If you join the team, we hope & expect that you are too.

What we're building

We are the creators of the Orbit Model, a new way to model customer and community relationships that is not based on the marketing and sales funnel. The Orbit Model accommodates customer journeys that are non-binary, long-term, and situations where customer advocacy is more valuable than customer dollars.

To help our community apply the Orbit Model, and generally grow and manage their communities, we are building the Orbit application. The Orbit application is a SaaS application that functions as a single-pane-of-glass into our users’ communities, plugging into each location that community takes place and surfacing important members and activities.

Our customers include The Linux Foundation, CirlceCI, Postman, Apollo GraphQL, and many of the fastest growing projects on GitHub.

Why we're building it

Our mission is to empower developer advocates and community teams to build thriving communities and prove the value of their work. We advocate for community as a business practice and believe it is as fundamental as product, marketing, or sales. Our vision is that every leading company of the future will have a strong, executive-level community function. We are building projects, products, and content that will help the industry get there.

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Orbit is a registered trademark of Orbit Labs, Inc.

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