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Learn actionable steps towards building better communities.
About Community Built

Hosted by Orbit CEO Patrick Woods and Community Lead Rosie Sherry, Community Built features discussions focused on helping community builders take actionable steps towards building better communities.

You’ll hear real stories of how people are crafting communities from folks who are forging community management best practices.

Next Up: Marie Poulin from Notion Mastery

Marie drew inspiration from frameworks applied in the permaculture world and applied them to her own practice — building resilient sustainable communities, and coaching others on how to run their own practice as well. We'll dive into:

  • what does permaculture have to do with community?
  • how the community started
  • sharing and documenting her processes
  • how she plans her day-to-day routine
  • what life is like as an indie (community) creator
  • why Notion?
  • and any questions you ask on the day!

Register to attend live on June 17 at 9 AM PST.

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