State of Community Tools

Constellation Report

The community tooling trends and insights you need to know about.

Find out which tools are making community happen.

The landscape of software to organize, communicate with, and understand community members is changing quickly. So we surveyed community builders about the tools they use daily. The result is the Constellation Report, which charts the current state of community tools.

- Discover new, useful community tools
- Make confident choices about your stack
- Learn about the tooling trends changing the industry

Key Takeaways

1. Community happens across a complex constellation of platforms.

2. The challenge of managing and understanding community is growing.

3. Integration is an untapped opportunity to gain meaningful insights.

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"The report is amazing! I shared the insights with my team and it already gave us some great action points on how to proceed with our community."
Vladiza Stevanovic
Sr. Customer Success Manager