Customer Stories

Learn how teams are growing and managing their communities with Orbit.
How Terrain uses Orbit to Grow a Community of Entrepreneurs.
Eman Zabi
How Bramble builds intimate virtual experiences with Orbit.
Gabrielle Leith
Community Manager
How Agora uses Orbit to manage, measure, and grow their community
Tony Blank
Director, Startup Programs
How CircleCI developed and implemented a new DevRel strategy using Orbit.
Jeremy Meiss
Director, DevRel & Community
How Apollo uses Orbit across four functions to build community and connection.
Peggy Rayzis
Sr. Director, Developer Experience
How Rasa supercharged their contributor program with Orbit.
Emma-Jade Wightman
Community Manager
How Typeform got a complete view of their community using Orbit.
Nicolas Grenié
Developer Advocate