Painless product feedback from your top community members

Helping companies run better customer programs

The right feedback from the right people

Discover users you should be talking to and get actionable insights.

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Uncover qualified members and organizations. Based on activity, programming language, job title, company size, etc

Keep track and take action. Add members to your feedback programs easily and keep the conversation going.

Put feedback in context. Understand your customer’s full user experience with data from across all your connected sources.

Feedback, from everywhere

Meet your users where they are, gather feedback from anywhere, and manage it in one place.

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Collect from connected sources.

Collect from in-app feedback.

Collect from external surveys.

Collect from built-in forms.

Nudge users. Ask for feedback at the exact right moment.

Collaborate seamlessly with your team

Keep everyone in sync. Provide full visibility into cross-company programs.

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Share a real time stream of feedback. Let everyone explore insights on their schedule.

Don’t step on any toes. Don't send the same followup email twice by seeing who your team is working with.

"Orbit delivers daily nuggets of information we would have missed and as a result, we are better connected to our community."

Patrick McFadin


VP Developer Relations