Here at Orbit, we believe in empowering community builders. We do that through the Orbit Model and the Orbit platform, but we felt like we could do more to help communities increase their gravity in an effective and meaningful way. That is how Gravity — the field guide for product communities — came to exist.

We are tackling a tricky subject for this inaugural issue — analytics. Data is crucial to understanding how to build and manage communities, and we are approaching the topic from a few different angles. Join us as we look at different types of community analytics tools, examine how to determine community KPIs, and talk to experts about what metrics are most important.

So whether you are a community builder, a developer advocate, an executive running a team, or just passionate about community, we hope that Gravity will take hold, pull you in, and give you the materials and knowledge you need to succeed.

Contributors for this issue


Maurice Cherry


Jarod Octon


Gareth Wilson


Adam DuVander, Jillian Friot, Rosie Sherry, Gareth Wilson