Before you jump into this issue of Gravity, I just want to thank everyone for making our first issue a rousing success! We really appreciate all the love and support that we have received.

Gravity is dedicated to exploring the culture, theory, and practices of building and scaling product communities, and for this issue, we are focusing on community growth. Take a look at some of the top software companies on the market, and you will notice they have something in common — communities are one of the main attractions of customers to their brands. But growing your community is about more than just increasing your audience, it’s about building better relationships too. A community will only thrive and translate into more customers, better product feedback, and amplified brand recognition if you are creating value for members too. 

This issue will take a closer look at community growth from a few perspectives. Orbit CEO Patrick Woods illustrates what community growth means and how it ties back into core concepts. Returning contributor Adam DuVander shares some best practices on how community and marketing teams can have aligned goals. We even poll our own community and share some top tactics on driving community growth. 

If you are just getting started with your community efforts, or you are looking to improve outcomes with your existing community, this issue will have strategies and techniques to help you get things done and start seeing results. Get ready to blast off!

Contributors for this issue


Maurice Cherry


Jarod Octon


Gareth Wilson


Oana Filip, Nick Johnson, Bryan Robinson, Erin Staples, Gareth Wilson, Patrick Woods


Trey Ingram, Anna Kuptsova, Myles Mendoza, Jarod Octon, Violet Reed