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ℹ️ This is available as a community-created integration, that requires manual setup.
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Get more out of GitHub with Orbit

Orbit’s GitHub integration syncs with all of your orgs and repos (you can choose which ones), and imports Members and Activities across each of them.

We automatically generate a timeline of contribution for each member, and enrich member profiles with GitHub data, like the names of their pinned repos, contribution frequency, and their top languages and topics.

About GitHub

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. Collaborators can work together on projects from anywhere, using their bug tracking, feature request, discussion board, task management, continuous integration and wiki features.

Data Tracked:


  • Issue is created
  • Comments on issues
  • Comments on pull requests
  • Star on a repository
  • Fork of a repository
  • Pull request created
  • Pull request merged
  • Discussion created
  • Discussion comment created

Historical Import

  • All the above activities from the start of each repository

Does not track or import

  • Un-star on a repository
  • Repository Dependencies