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Orbit API

Add a member - the easiest method

Available on Starter, Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on the Enterprise plan

Learn how to add members via an integration.

Before we add some community members to your workspace, let’s first explain what a member is.

What is a member?

A member is a community member who has been added to your Orbit workspace. They are different from teammates (aka people on your team that may be in your community).

Once you add a member to Orbit, you’ll be able to see interesting data about this individual, including their social media handles, a timeline of activities they’ve done, content they’ve created, and more. The more community sources you connect to Orbit, the more community members you’ll see and the more activities you can monitor.

Add a member

Woohoo! You’re ready to add some members to your community. Members can be added manually, via an integration, or via API.

The easiest way to add multiple members into your community is via an integration, so we’ll go over that here.

Add a member via integration: the easiest way

So you want to add all of your community members into Orbit. We’ve done our best to make it as easy as possible to integrate with the community sources you care about.

In just a few clicks, you can add members from the following sources:

Want to add members manually, via CSV, API, or don't see an integration here that you need? Head here to see all of the options.

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