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Orbit API

Create a saved view

Available on Starter, Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on the Enterprise plan

Saved views are a tool you can use to more easily pull up the data you care about on a specific page in your workspace. Think of saved views as a shortcut that tailors your workspace more to your needs!

You can use saved views to:

  • Quickly check up on potential ambassadors and prospective customers
  • Look at what key activities are happening in your community (and who is doing them!)
  • See what activities your content creators engage in the most
  • and much more!

What types of saved views can I make?

Currently, you can make Saved Members Views on the Members tab and Saved Activities Views on the Activities tab. You will find these next to the Filters button on these pages. We've also provided you with some default saved views to get you starts

The Saved Activities Views dropdown. You can find this on the Activities tab.

Create a new saved view

To create a new filter, click the ‘Filters’ button and select the filters you’d like to use. You can build off of an existing saved view, or click ‘Clear Filters’ to start from scratch. Once you’ve selected your filters, click ‘Save as New’ at the bottom of the Filters modal. Add a name for your saved view, and voila! You have successfully created a new saved view.

Note that this saved view is only created on your personal account. If you’d like to share this saved view with others on your team, learn how here.

Edit a saved view

To edit a saved view’s filters, click the saved view dropdown, and hover over the view you’d like to edit. You should see an actions button appear. Click it, and then select ‘Edit’ from the menu.

The actions you can take on your saved views. Note that you cannot edit the default saved views.

After you update the filters to your needs, you will see two save options:

  • Save Changes will save these changes to your selected saved view
  • Save as New will allow you save these changes as a completely new filter.
The filter modal with your two save options

Delete a saved view

Go to the saved view in the dropdown, click the actions button, and then click ‘Delete’.

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