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Orbit API

DEV integration

Available on Starter, Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on the Enterprise plan

This guide will walk you through setting up the DEV integration.

The DEV integration for Orbit will automatically ingest comments on posts and account follows for organization pages and specific users. A new member will be created in your workspace for each new comment or follow activity (if that member doesn't already exist). Comments will be added as an activity on the member timeline along with context about which post they commented on, who it was written by and a link to the post.

Installing the DEV integration

After creating your Orbit workspace, you can add the DEV integration from the Integrations page in your workspace Settings.

Click on DEV and you'll be taken to the settings page to enter your API information.

Where to find your Dev API Key

We recommend creating an API key specifically for use with this integration. You can do this from the Settings > Extensions section of your DEV account.

You will need to enter either username associated with the API key (this can also be the user profile you want to track), the organization you want to track, and the API key.

Once you have entered the username, an organization slug (if you want to track an Organization page) and the API Key, click on Save to complete the setup process.

Due to limitations with the Forem API (that powers DEV). Follow activities for an Organization profile are not possible to capture. When tracking an Organization, the follows for the authors who publish there will be added to Orbit instead.

Historical Import

By default the DEV integration will import comments and user follows from your chosen organization or user as far back as the API allows, or up to 100,000 total activities.

Activity Types

The DEV integration will create a new activity type on your workspace called Commented and Followed. You can find them in your workspace's Settings under Activity Types.

From here you can edit the weight given to these activities. By default the weight is 1.0, but you should consider how important these activities are for you and your community and adjust them if necessary.

Please note that if you change the weight of an activity type, only activities created after that point will be given the new weight. If you want to apply a new weight to historical activities as well, please contact and let us know which activity type(s) you would like to have reweighed.

Removing the DEV integration

If you want to remove the DEV integration you can do so from the integration settings page.

Please note that removing an integration does not delete the activities associated with it. If you would like to remove all DEV activity from your workspace, contact

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