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How does member enrichment work?

Why enrich members

To learn the most about your community members, you need to have a good view of their community activity and who they are.

For example, interesting member attributes can be the member's full name, avatar, bio, organization, location and social profiles. This information helps you better understand & segment your community, improve your community strategy and personalize your outreach effort.

Enrichment automatically populates member attributes in Orbit so you don’t have to find and input them member by member.

GitHub and Twitter enrichment

Orbit pulls member attributes from multiple sources:

  • GitHub, Twitter and other connected integration.
  • A third-party data provider called Clearbit.

By default, every workspace gets free and unlimited member enrichment via GitHub, Twitter and other integrations connected to your workspace. The only limit is how much information your community members have shared with those platforms.

For example, if Twitter is connected to your workspace and one of your members has set their location on Twitter, Orbit will automatically populate the member's location. If the Twitter location is missing, this information should be pulled from another integration or Clearbit.

Clearbit enrichment

Clearbit is a well-known third-party data provider, that can enrich your community members using their email. This capability is especially useful to enrich the members for which Orbit has little information but their email.

Manual enrichment

The easiest way to understand how Clearbit enrichment works is to try it out:

1) Visit the profile of a member with an email, then click "Try it now":

2) This will open the Enrichment UI. Click "Use this email" to make a Clearbit enrichment request and verify the information Clearbit has found.

3) If you're happy with the information shown, tick the checkbox and save the enrichment.

Automatic enrichment

Every workspace gets free manual enrichment, but this process remains manual. If you'd rather have your members automatically enriched, you can opt in to automatic enrichment - one of our newest features.

Upgrade to one of our paid plans to get access!


What member attributes Clearbit enrichment will populate?

Clearbit may populate any of the following attributes depending on the information they have on the member:

  • Full name
  • Avatar
  • Bio
  • Site associated to this member
  • Organization
  • Title
  • Location
  • GitHub, Twitter and LinkedIn social profiles

Will automatic Clearbit enrichment overwrite existing member attributes?

No, it won't. By default, automatic Clearbit enrichment will only populate the empty member attributes. It will also add the LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter social profiles/identities if they exist.

Note: for manual enrichment, you have the ability to verify every information Clearbit has on the member. Upon clicking "Save enrichment", Clearbit will hence overwrite the existing member attributes.

How reliable is Clearbit data?

Clearbit is one of the top data providers. Its technology looks through 250+ public and private data sources, that include social profiles, company websites, legal filings, crowdsourcing, and many more. It scores the data sources and pushes the billions of data points they provide through several stages of verification. Learn more about how Clearbit collects and processes the data, before making it available for external consumption.

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