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Orbit API

Slack app

Available on Starter, Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on the Enterprise plan

The Orbit Slack App allows you to add and search members, add notes and tags, and get notifications right from within your team’s Slack.

👍Slack App vs. Slack Integration
The Slack App is installed on your company Slack to receive Slack Notifications and get the nifty /orbit Slack command. The Slack integration is a different, unrelated feature that can be installed on your community Slack, and will create members profiles and activities in Orbit. To learn more about the Orbit Slack Integration, head to this page.

Setting up the Orbit Slack App

Head to the Productivity Tools page in your workspace settings.

The Productivity Tools in the Orbit Workspace Settings
The Productivity Tools in the Orbit Workspace Settings
📘Much like the GitHub integration, the Slack App connects at the user level and is then added to relevant workspaces.

“Connect Slack" will take you to Slack’s authorization screen. The app asks for specific permissions that will allow it to accept and respond to slash commands. Click Authorize App.

📘You can change the Slack workspace the App will be installed on by using the select dropdown in the top-right corner ☝️

After clicking Allow, you should return to the Productivity Tools page. The Slack App will now show as Connected!.

You’re all set!

Using the Orbit Slack App

The /orbit slash command

You and your teammates can now invoke the /orbit “slash command” into your Slack. The /orbit command lets you quickly add and search through your community members, add a new note to them, and edit their tags, right from within Slack.

You can use the /orbit slash command in public and private channels and in Direct Messages.

You can try to bring it up with /orbit help, which displays the list of available commands:

After adding or searching for a community member, you’ll have the opportunity to go to their Orbit profile, add a note, or update their tags:

Setting up Slack notifications

The Orbit Slack App allows you to receive Slack notifications for the Orbit activities that you don’t want to miss, providing insights about the community members and quick actions (add a note, edit tags…).

To enable and configure the Slack notifications, head to your workspace settings and click Manage under the Orbit Slack App section.

On that page, you can choose to enable the Slack notifications. Doing so, you will be asked to choose a Slack channel, as well as the activities you want to get notifications for.

📘Notifications can only be received on a public Slack channel. You can refresh the list of available channels by refreshing the page.


If you see the errors /orbit failed with the error “dispatch_failed” or This app responded with Status Code 500, check in your workspace settings that the Slack integration is listed under Integrations. If not, you can try to reinstall it. If it is, the error might be on our end—feel free to drop us a line to help us investigate!

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