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Orbit API

Twitter integration

This guide will walk you through setting up the Twitter integration.

The Orbit Twitter integration allows you to connect one or more Twitter accounts to your workspaces.

The integration will automatically create an Activity for any mention of connected accounts, and it will save that Activity to an existing member's profile. If the tweet is from a person not already associated with your workspace, Orbit will create a new member.

You can also track other keywords like your company name, relevant hashtags, and URLs. For each mention of these, an activity will also be created.

Initially, Orbit will create members and activities for the 800 most recent mentions. It will not import followers who have never mentioned your account or tracked keywords. This is a limitation of the Twitter API.

Connect a Twitter account to your Workspace

Head to the Integrations section of your Workspace's Settings page. If you've already connected the Orbit GitHub integration or any other integrations, you'll see them there.

To get started, click Twitter in the list of Plug & Play Integrations.

A modal will pop up asking you to confirm that you are already logged into the Twitter account that you want to connect to Orbit.

🚧 By default, Twitter will install the Orbit app to whichever Twitter account you're currently logged into. So be sure to login to the appropriate account before connecting.

You will be asked to Authorise Orbit for Twitter. Orbit requires read-only permissions and does not have the ability to send any Tweets from your account.

If successful, Twitter will send you back to Orbit's Twitter Settings page where you can further customize your integration.

Once you add the relevant Twitter account, Orbit will begin importing mentions of the linked accounts. We're able to import up to 800 of the most recent mentions. This usually takes 1-2 minutes.

📘For members created from this integration, the "joined" date will be the date they followed your account.

Orbit will attach tweets to existing member profiles, or will create new members if the person who tweeted doesn't already exist in Orbit.

On the Activity page, you can filter activities by All Twitter.

All new tweets will appear on the Activity page, as well as on the member profile of whomever sent the tweet.

Listen for keywords and queries

In the list of connected integrations for your workspace, clicking the three dots icon opens the settings for any of your previously authorized integrations. Head to the Twitter settings to add specific keywords or queries to watch for.

The next screen will allow you to preview and save up to five keyword searches.

🚧 Usage of broad keywords may mean you reach the limit of 10,000 members on your workspace very quickly and this can result in your account being restricted. If you require more than 10,000 members, please contact us.

Choosing your keywords

We recommend using keywords that are very specific to your community. For example, #orbitmodel would listen specifically for Tweets tagged with that hashtag. This is good because it's likely that the Tweet is relevant to us and our community.

However, listening instead for "orbit" and "model", would capture all usage of either of those words on Twitter, the majority of which would be largely irrelevant and would damage overall metrics and ability to accurately report on community health.

Use the Twitter Advanced Search to experiment with keyword combinations, and to understand the number of Tweets your keywords will return.

Note that a Twitter account can be attached to only one workspace at a time.

Connecting multiple Twitter accounts to a workspace

You can add more than one Twitter integration to your workspace. Start by logging into the Twitter account you want to add and repeat the steps outlined above.

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