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Orbit API

Keyboard shortcuts

A list of keyboard shortcuts you can use within the Orbit app:

Navigation?View keyboard shortcuts
/Focus on search
G then HOpen home
G then MOpen members
G then AOpen activities
G then ROpen reports
G then SOpen Settings
G then WSelect workspace
MembersACreate a member
K or Open previous page
J or Open next page
Member ProfileK or Open previous member
J or Open next member
TFocus on Tags
IEdit Identities
LOpen timeline
DOpen details
HOpen history
Members Merge PageSee previous suggested merge
See next suggested merge
DDismiss suggested merge
MMerge members
SSwitch order of members
ActivitiesK or Open previous page
J or Open next page
ReportsOOverview tab
MMembers tab
AActivities tab
HGitHub tab
TTwitter tab
DDiscourse tab
SSlack tab

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