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Orbit API

Keyboard shortcuts

A list of keyboard shortcuts you can use within the Orbit app:

Navigation?View keyboard shortcuts
/Focus on search
G then HOpen home
G then MOpen members
G then AOpen activities
G then ROpen reports
G then SOpen Settings
G then WSelect workspace
MembersACreate a member
K or ←Open previous page
J or β†’Open next page
Member ProfileK or ←Open previous member
J or β†’Open next member
TFocus on Tags
IEdit Identities
LOpen timeline
DOpen details
HOpen history
Members Merge PageP or ←See previous suggested merge
N or β†’See next suggested merge
DDismiss suggested merge
MMerge members
SSwitch order of members
ActivitiesK or ←Open previous page
J or β†’Open next page
ReportsOOverview tab
MMembers tab
AActivities tab
HGitHub tab
TTwitter tab
DDiscourse tab
SSlack tab

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