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Orbit API

Orbit Glossary

Available on Starter, Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on the Enterprise plan

There are a lot of new concepts you may find yourself running into as you explore Orbit. So let’s take a sec to define them 📖

Orbit Model Terms

These terms are used in the context of the Orbit model. They are useful ways to think about your members’ engagement in your community.

Love:  is a member's overall level of engagement and impact in the community.

Reach:  is a measure of a community member’s sphere of influence.

Presence:  is a measure of a community member's activity over a period of time.

Orbit levels:  are a practical tool for member segmentation and help you create different programs for different types of community members.

For more detailed explanations of each of these concepts, go here

Key Orbit Terms

Member: a community member who is added to your Orbit workspace manually, via an integration, or via API. Members include anyone who has interacted with you via your integration sources (e.g. they mentioned your Twitter account in a tweet, they joined your Slack community, etc). This does not include teammates.

Activity: a thing your member does, like replying to a question in your forum, commenting on a repository on GitHub, submitting a form, attending a webinar, or even meeting in person. An activity is any verb that’s a meaningful action you’d like to keep track of. Activities can be added automatically (via integration) or manually (one-off or via CSV)

Teammate: someone on your team who is in your Orbit workspace. Teammates do not count as members.

Organization: a company, non-profit, or group that has been added to your Orbit workspace. If an organization shows up on your Organizations tab, that means that an employee from that organization is a member in your workspace.

Tag: A label that you can add to a Member profile. Used to group members togethers, mark prospects, identify product users. Examples include: Ambassador, Beta-Group, Conference-Invitee

Other Useful Terms

Activity Type: The specific type of activity that the user performed. Examples include: Discord message, Github issue opened, Twitter follow. We provide default activity types that we pull after you connect an integration, and you can also set up custom activity types.

Activity Property: Information that further describes the Activity type. It’s a way to tag an activity with additional context using key/value pairs. Examples include: Discord channel, Github repo, Twitter search term

Active Member: Any member who has performed an activity in the  selected timeframe.

New Member: member whose first activity (that matches your selected filters) happened during the selected timeframe.

Returning Member: member who had an activity (that matches your selected filters) before the selected timeframe and had at least one matching activity during the selected timeframe.

Identity: A unique identifier that a member uses on the web. Example identities include social media handles, emails, usernames, etc. All identities can be found on a member’s profile.

Note: A free form piece of text that you can add to a member profile.

Can’t find the term you’re looking for here? Let us know and we’ll add it in as soon as we can!

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