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Orbit API

Share a saved view

Available on Starter, Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on the Enterprise plan

Share a saved view with collaborators in your workspace.

When you create a new saved view, you can select between Personal and Shared.

The Saved View creation modal

If you choose Shared, your collaborators will now be able to see and select this saved view on this workspace:

Views shared by collaborators will appear under the Shared section

You can freely change a saved view from Personal to Shared (or the other way around) in the Edit View menu:

A few things to note:

  • Collaborators cannot edit, or delete, shared saved views—only their original author can. Collaborators can, however, duplicate it as one of their own personal saved views.
  • Your shared saved view is not public. It is only accessible by the collaborators in your Orbit workspace.

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