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Orbit API

Add a tag to a member

Available on Starter, Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Growth, Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on Premium & Enterprise plans
Available on the Enterprise plan

Learn how to add member tags one-off, in bulk, or automatically when a certain activity occurs.

There are 3 main ways to add tags:

  • One-off
  • In bulk
  • Automatically

We’ll go through all three to get you oriented.

Adding tags one-off manually

One-off tags are useful when:

  • You are curating a list of individuals to attend an event (e.g. Meetup-attendee).
  • You just had a call with a community member and want to add tags to their profile (e.g. Prospect, Potential-Ambassador
  • You are developing your Ambassador program and want to tag individual members (e.g. Ambassador)

To add a tag, go to that member’s profile, scroll down to Tags section, click "Add tag" (or type ‘t’ on your keyboard as a shortcut!). You will then see a dropdown of all the tags in your workspace. Start typing to quickly find the tag you want. Don't see your tag in the dropdown? Just finish typing the name of your tag, press 'Enter' on your keyboard, and voila! You've added a new tag to your workspace.

Adding tags in bulk

Adding tags in bulk is handy when:

  • You want to tag users based on multiple member attributes (e.g. tag members who attended an event + joined the Discord as ‘Ambassador-Candidates’)
  • You want to group other batches of tags (e.g. who all has chatted with someone at Orbit).

If you want to add tags in bulk to a group of individuals, go to the Members tab, and click ‘Filters’

Click the 'Filters' button in the upper right hand corner

Use the Members table filters to narrow down the audience by location, types of activities performed in your community, Orbit level, etc until you get the list of members you want.

Here, we’ve currently selected members in Orbit Level 1 who were active in Discord in the last 90 days.

Once, you have the list you want, select the checkbox at the top of the screen. This will select all members listed on Page 1 of your results.

Select members using individual checkboxes or the "Select All" checkbox at the top of the table
Repeating this again: This only adds a tag to the page selected. If your filters have multiple pages, you’ll have to make sure to add the tag to the pages separately.

From there, select ‘apply tag’.  This will cause a dialog box to appear.

In this box, you’ll see 2 important items. The first is a list of common tags among these members (which is useful if you want to know what additional tags you should consider adding). The second is a dropdown where you can type the name of the tag you are looking for or create a new one.

Adding Tags automatically

You’ll find you may want to add tags automatically when:

  • You want to add a tag after a custom activity occurs (e.g. on product login or account creation, tag members as “Product-Users”)
  • You want to track who has come to an annual conference each year and compare year-after-year growth.

To add tags automatically, we use Zapier. To get started, in Zapier — when you’re setting up an action, navigate down to the member tag section. It should have:

  • an option to add tags
  • an option to remove tags. This would erase any and all tags on that member profile. Use the destructive one with caution so you don’t inadvertently delete data.

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