Orbit Community Guidelines

Orbit ๐Ÿ’œ Community

Orbit is a serious yet creative community. We're here to take action and make real progress together. We understand the world of communities is changing, and we understand that we are creating something new.

โ€Thanks for being part of our little corner of the internet. Welcome to Orbit! ๐Ÿช


- Teach others
- Know what you need
- Seek Advice


- Act with purpose
- Strong opinions
- Ask for help early


- Give before you get
- Celebrate wins
- Good community citizens


- Make it explicit
- Be honest
- Kind > Nice

Here are a few guidelines this community abides by

1. Stimulate conversation, and be respectful of othersโ€™ views.

2. We're a global community. While the language for online discussions may be English (unless otherwise specified), remember that not everybody is a native English speaker/writer.

3. Don't take yourself too seriously. We're here to have fun, learn, create, and explore the world of community building together.

4. Assume people hold good intentions.

5. Seek to understand.

6. Treat others the way we wish to be treated.
We understand that unfortunately, not the entire universe upholds the same values that we do. Here are a few ground rules that we have established within our community to keep our community a safe place to be.

Violating one of the below rules could get your comment removed, and/or have you muted/kicked/banned from the server.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. Orbit reserves the right to remove anything we deem inappropriate. If you have any questions, please reach out to an Orbit team member.

โ€Spam: If it comes from a human or a robot, it will be deleted, and you may be reminded of this from one of our team members.

โ€Personal Attacks: See above, practice kindness first. This includes name-calling.

โ€Doxxing: Don't reveal someone else's personal information.

โ€Illegal Activities: Posting links to illegal downloads, ways to steal services, and other nefarious activities is a no-go here.

โ€NSFW Material: Orbit's server is a SFW space, but we reserve the right to remove any post we deem offensive, including other NSFW material or items that may offend our community members.

โ€Trolling: This term in itself can be big and messy, but we've been on the internet a long time. We know what a troll is and won't tolerate it. If you're taking advantage of or abusing the community, we will remove comments and take your posts down. This includes taking a thread off-topic, by the way.

Spreading Misinformation: We value the power of the internet, and have seen some of the dark things that can happen on it. We are not providing space for conspiracy theories or misinformation and will remove posts promoting falsehoods, and alert the individual spreading that information.

โ€Complaints for the sake of complaints: We are a small mighty team, working hard to explore the future of community together. These type of statements are usually an indication that you're not trying to be a productive member of the community.

โ€Multiple accounts and throwaway emails: We don't allow multiple accounts per user. Using a disposable email address signals that you may not be here for right reasons. You also may not create accounts designed to impersonate another person.

Above all, we work to keep conversation here kind, educational, helpful, and resourceful. If we feel like something is putting the sanctity of the community at risk, we will do our best to remove it.