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From audience to community.

Maintainers and creators grow relationships and never drop the ball with Orbit

Like a CRM, but not for sales

Everything you need to stay organized

Add tags via the UI or the API, then sort lists and filter reports based on your groupings.

Never forget that detail

Add time-stamped notes for meetings, product feedback, and anything else you want to keep keep up with.

Find the right folks

Orbit Search indexes tags, notes, location, company, tweet content, GH data, and more, so you’ll always know who’s in the community.

Respond in realtime

Browse Activities for a feed of key interactions across all of your community platforms, and filter the feed back Activity Type, Tag, Respository, and more.

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No spam, just insights, product and content updates, event invites, and the occasional space pun.

Automatic profile creation

Metrics that matter

Report with confidence

Demonstrate the impact of your community investments with simple and powerful reporting.

Share the success

Receive weekly reports about community engagement and top contributors. Share and celebrate with your team.

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