An Account Executive’s guide to community

What you can learn from listening to your community to become a better Account Manager

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20 minutes

To be a successful Account Manager you need to have empathy for your customers and the goals they’re trying to achieve.

But when you spend too much time qualifying leads or trying to close a sale, you end up looking past your customers and their needs.

By building a community team in Orbit, you can better understand your prospects’ pain points and what they want to accomplish. This enables you to speak to your customers using their language.

And once you start talking their language, you have happier customers, and happy customers mean more deals won.

We'll spend ~20 minutes covering the material.

Key takeaways

  • Gauge purchase intent via community engagement
  • Identify key users and buyers within an organization
  • Provide value to prospects without high pressure tactics
  • Increase customer retention and identify opportunities for upsell
  • Use community connections for warm introductions to prospects