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Introducing Communitree: a network of community conversations

May 11, 2021
Rosie Sherry
Community Lead
Introducing Communitree: a network of community conversations
Welcome to The Observatory, the community newsletter from Orbit.

Each week we go down rabbit holes so you don't have to. We share tactics, trends and valuable resources we've observed in the world of community building.

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We are starting a new thing!

Communitree is an experimental and co-created network of audio conversations on the theme of community building. With a bit of love and nurturing we trust it will blossom into an amazing network of open community conversations.

The idea behind Communitree is for people to pair or group up to have community conversations. After a conversation is had each person seeks to have a future conversation with someone else to grow the branches.

It goes something like this:

- Rosie talks with Erin.

- Rosie then talks to Sara.

- Sara also continues with the torch and invites Fem to talk.

- Erin decides to talk to Charlie.

- Rosie wants to talk to more people, so she finds Christina...

Here's a picture that makes it easier to understand.

It looks like a tree and the conversations are about community. Hence Communitree! 🌳

Of course, some branches will break, or take some time to grow. However, overall we believe it will blossom into an amazing network of community conversations.

But why even do this Rosie?

I believe conversations lead to community. In addition, I believe more conversations evolving around community building will lead to all of us being able to co-create better communities.

Sometimes we just need an excuse to talk to one another. Take this as your excuse or your sign to reach out to that person you've been meaning to.

But audio is hard to produce Rosie!

Not with Racket it isn't!

It's super easy to use and you are limited to nine minutes. You have no chance to overthink it and at the same time you'll need to choose a very specific topic to talk about. Nine minutes pass by super fast.

How to get started

1. Have a conversation with someone who has already contributed to the tree (Schedule time with me, Erin or find someone from the conversation list below).

2. Sign up to Racket (I have invites if you need any)

3. Find someone to speak to and have a community conversation

4. Send me a link to the conversation.

5. We will add it to the list below and share it

We hope you will continue growing the tree by repeating steps 3 & 4.

Get in contact with me:

- DM me on Twitter

- message me on our Orbit Discord,

- or email me rosie[at]

But what can you talk about?

There are three rules:

- it has to be about community

- you need to think it's interesting or exciting

- have good intentions and behave nicely, all audio contributions will be reviewed before sharing on our list.

🌳 The Communitree

This list will be updated as conversations are had:

  1. The Community Creator Economy | Rosie Sherry + Erin Mikail Staples
  2. Making Mindful Money with Communities | Rosie Sherry + Sara
  3. Creating a Community Portfolio | Rosie Sherry + Tessa Kriesel
  4. Gravity IRL | Edmund + Rosie Sherry
  5. Communitree - building community thru networked audio conversations | reddy2go + Rosie Sherry
  6. The good old days of online communities | Rosie Sherry + Adam Wiseman
  7. How Anthony encourages one to one connection at Indie Worldwide | Rosie Sherry + Anthony Castrio
  8. Building trust to ensure safety for all is the foundation of community | reddy2go + Undreya Billups
  9. How Developer Communities Improve Developer Experience | Rosie Sherry + Mahmoud Abdelwahab
  10. What community am I building? | Sara + Carri Craver
  11. Community churn can be a good thing | Sara + Kieran Ball
  12. The Three C's of Community: Context, Conviction, and Consistency | Rosie Sherry + Edmund
  13. Building audio first communities | Rosie Sherry + Michael Greenberg
  14. Leaning into vulnerability for community building | Kieran Ball + Alicia Whitney
  15. Scaling Intimacy | Rosie Sherry + David Lobo
  16. Scaling community with member-led events | Anthony Castrio + Charlie Ward
  17. The early days of community | Rosie Sherry + Chance McAllister
  18. Community ≠ Marketing because... | Edmund Amoye + Rosie Sherry
  19. Cultivating a loving culture in community | Aaron Weber + Rosie Sherry
  20. Social commerce in community building | Greg Willis + Rosie Sherry
  21. Warnings for those trying to build paid communities 😂 | Jay Clouse + Rosie Sherry
  22. Discord vs Discourse. How to co-exist between the two and platforms | Rosie Sherry + Odysseas Lamtzidis
  23. Starting highly committed communities | Alex Kennedy + Rosie Sherry
  24. Community Manager "Wannabe" Journey | Rosie Sherry + Francisco Fonseca
  25. Community marketing is all about trust | Rosie Sherry + Francisco Fonseca
  26. Building a virtual community during the pandemic, hybrid or not? | Rosie Sherry + Sonali Nigam
  27. Creating community and engagement with a newsletter | Rosie Sherry + Hua Shu
  28. Journaling Communities | Michael Greenberg + Tracy Winchell
  29. How to advertise your facebook community on facebook | Anthony Castrio + Gavin Bell
  30. How growing up online preps you to be a community manager. 👾🦠 | Erin Mikail Staples + Sam Oshins
  31. Tapping into the community of Nerd Noise Night | Adam Wiseman + Shaun Hatton
  32. The Community Creator Economy | Edmund Amoye + Erin Mikail Staples
  33. Authenticity as a foundation for healthy communities | Rosie Sherry + Julian Lupescu
  34. 💭 Commerce x Community | Mark Johnson + Erin Mikail Staples
  35. Lenny's Newsletter Community | Rosie Sherry + Mark Tan
  36. Building Educational Communities | Blake Hunsicker + Erin Mikail Staples
  37. Community Chat | Rosie Sherry + Stu Smith
  38. Fan Communities on Youtube: what you should know | Erin Mikail Staples + Anna Grigoryan
  39. Validating our visions | Rosie Sherry + Gisela Mirandilla
  40. Weekly Community Reflections | Rosie Sherry + Erin Mikail Staples
  41. Building a Better Future with No-Code Communities | Erin Mikail Staples + Erik Israni
  42. ELI5: Crypto and Community | Erin Mikail Staples + Jackson Dame
  43. Talking about community and the roll it plays within architecture | Adam Wiseman + Reza Nik
  44. The Magic of Community Operations | Erin Mikail Staples + Sara
  45. Localized Online Communities with Jeff Weisbein | Erin Mikail Staples + Jeff Weisbein
  46. How community DAOs are evolving in community and real time | Adam Wiseman + Rosie Sherry
  47. Weekly Community Recap: Discord, Events and Notetaking | Rosie Sherry + Erin Mikail Staples
  48. The journey of the creator economy and how people are creating today | Matej Nemcek + Rosie Sherry
  49. Community Talk with Scott Wilder | Scott Wilder + Rosie Sherry
  50. Building human connection in Virtual Spaces | Gaby Leith + Erin Mikail Staples
  51. Tim Falls: Connecting Climate Friends 🌳☀️☁️ | Tim Falls + Erin Mikail Staples
  52. The importance of empathy and honesty in community | Patrick Hill + Erin Mikail Staples
  53. Collective Effervescence — spontaneous moments of joy in community | Rosie Sherry + Erin Mikail Staples
  54. What do reviews and community have in common? | Erin Mikail Staples + Jenny Weigle
  55. We got excited about family and learning communities! | Rosie Sherry + Pablo Simko
  56. Manners and civility in community building | Rosie Sherry + Piper Wilson
  57. Thought processes whilst building an audience (on Twitter) | Varu Dwarak + Rosie Sherry
  58. How can we take care of people that are part of our community? | Rosie Sherry + Ioana Chiorean
  59. Using Twitter to build community | Rosie Sherry + Mohammed Rafy
  60. Refresh your community! | Tristan Lombard + Rosie Sherry
  61. How virtual events like an online summit can build up communities | Rishab Sharma + Rosie Sherry
  62. Generalists make great community folks! | Brian Olsen + Erin Mikail Staples
  63. How game design can help with creating a more engaging and fulfilling | Rosie Sherry + Prabhjot Singh Lamba
  64. Starting a community from scratch (there just wasn't enough time!) | Taylor Harrington + Rosie Sherry
  65. Landing your Dream Community Job | Patrick McCrann + Erin Mikail Staples
  66. What community folks can learn from academia | Venia Logan + Erin Mikail Staples
  67. The #Ship30for30 Community + Building Habits | Tina Amper + Erin Mikail Staples
  68. How can the indie community be sustainable | Erin Mikail Staples + Espree Devora

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