Why Orbit?

Rethink the role of community in your business.

The way people buy software has changed.
Has your process?

Software is no longer sold—it’s adopted.

Adoption is increasingly bottom-up, not top-down. End-users are choosing their own tools with recommendations from friends and peers. Existing marketing playbooks must be updated for this new reality.

Most emails don’t get opened.
1 in 3 ad clicks is fake.
Users trust other users over marketing.
They want to try before they buy, read reviews, see examples and have their questions answered by other users.
of B2B buyers prefer buying through an app or website than from sales.

Source: Forrester

Advocates are taking center stage.

Value creation beats value capture.

Value creation aligns community and company incentives.

The traditional sales and marketing funnel is about extracting value, optimizing each step of the process around that. But that only works short-term. For sustainable growth, community-driven companies focus on increasing adoption with value creation through content and community beyond the product itself.

“Value creation is healthier than value capture over the long-term. It's a chance for a direct, empathetic relationship between the company and customer.”
Jason Warner
GitHub CTO

Adoption drives the whole business — not just sales.

It grows awareness, educates, and engages users. It kickstarts a flywheel of customer advocacy.

“The solution to problems of adoption is not a better product, but a focus on barriers to adoption.”
Stephen O'Grady, Author of The Software Paradox

of potential buyers turn to community as their first step of getting unstuck.

Source: Stack Overflow
“I view community management as the new pre-sales for companies. Their responsibility is growing and cultivating a community. That bubbles up into adoption and qualified leads.”
Chris Aniszczyk, CNCF CTO
Community is the new pre-sales.

MQLs and SQLs aren’t enough in a product-led, bottom-up world.

Instead of building large teams to “generate demand,” community-driven companies build vibrant communities that provide value to anyone interested in what they’re creating. The output of these communities, the content, and resources they share, replaces the need for pre-sales to qualify and educate users.

Community is increasingly distributed.

Community happens across a growing and complex constellation of platforms.

The challenge of managing and understanding it is only growing too. The majority of community managers agree that managing community has become more difficult over the last year (Source: CMX).

Orbit helps you grow your community and your business.

Orbit’s community experience platform helps you deliver a stellar experience, understand its impact, and put community members first.


Integrate with anywhere community happens.


Work together to build stronger communities.


Use reporting to know the impact of community.


Identify champions, and uncover trends and insights.


Get a single, shared view of members and activity.


Eliminate busywork by automating manual tasks.

From the creators of the Orbit Model

Orbit’s unique approach is based on the Orbit Model, a framework to visualize and quantify your entire community so that you can scale high gravity communities.