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Community is the engine that drives growth

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Orbit’s unique approach is based on the Orbit Model, our foundational framework for community growth that helps you build and measure a thriving community.

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The way people buy software has changed.
Has your process?

Software is no longer sold—it’s adopted.

Prospective customers want to try before they buy, read reviews, and have their questions answered by others.

Most emails don’t get opened.
1 in 3 ad clicks is fake.
Users trust other users over marketing.
of B2B buyers prefer buying through an app or website than from sales.

Source: Forrester

Value creation beats value capture.

The sales funnel is about extracting value, but that only works short-term. For sustainable growth, community can drive long-term adoption though value creation.

“Value creation is healthier than value capture over the long-term. It's a chance for a direct, empathetic relationship between the company and customer.”
Jason Warner
Managing Director, Redpoint Ventures
“I view community management as the new pre-sales for companies. Their responsibility is growing and cultivating a community. That bubbles up into adoption and qualified leads.”
Chris Aniszczyk, CNCF CTO

MQLs and SQLs aren’t enough in a product-led world.

Instead community-driven companies build vibrant communities that leverage the entire audience around your products.

Community happens across a growing and complex constellation of platforms.

Understand what distributed communities means for you and your organization.

Orbit helps you grow your community and your business.


Discover how Orbit can help you and your community, whatever your role.

Community & DevRel

Get time to focus on your community and data to prove ROI.

Founders & Execs

Know how community is driving your business forward.

Web3 & Crypto

Be a part of something bigger. In the dawn of the next generation internet, community is your biggest asset for growth.

Open Source Maintainers

Connect with the people behind the PRs.

Ops & Data Teams

Tie all your community tools and data together to get the full picture.

Creators & Indie Hackers

Turn your audience into a community by building relationships.

Customer Stories

Learn how teams are growing and managing their communities with Orbit.