Meet your community data platform

From profiles to reports and workflows - get insights from across your entire community and the tools to put them into action.

Member profiles & timeline

Get a complete understanding of a member and their contributions.

Top reports at your disposal

Get early signals into intent to drive outcomes and engagement.

Activity & Member filters

Generate lists of users and activities based on dozens of criteria.

Task automation & workflows

Welcome members, add them to lists, add tags, or auto-export to CRM.

Identity resolution

Ensure full and accurate member information from across platforms.

Real-time alerts

Know when members perform key actions. Get pinged in Slack or via webhook.

Integrate everywhere

community happens

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Community insights for every member of your company

Act on Orbit data right where you’re already working. Inside X, LinkedIn, Gmail, and GitHub.

Customer-facing teams

Community data at your fingertips provides deep context to help every customer-facing person make better decisions.

Growth teams

Quickly and easily determine if a member has the right background for your audience or program.

Account Execs and SDRs

See all of a prospect’s community data, allowing you to craft game-changing outbound.

Developer teams

Get full context on a member while reviewing GitHub PRs and issues.

Orbit: a window into your community

Understand who your community members are, where they are engaging, and what they are saying.