Accelerate and Amplify User-Generated Content

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Helping companies run better customer programs

Identify and vet potential contributors

Automatically keep track of member contributions, whether it’s code, content, or feedback.

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Identify potential contributors with powerful filters

Search via location, programming languages, job title, company size, and more.

Create an application form, or import submissions from anywhere — forms, CSV, Zapier.

Keep members and teammates in sync. Every contributor gets an onboarding checklist. While you and your team get a shared view of their progress.

Manage contributions in one place

No matter where contributions come from, see and manage them in a single view.

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Never miss a new contributor or contribution.

See a real time feed of contributions, filter by type e.g. blog post, video, code, etc.

Enable champions to submit contributions. With a built-in member form, or your existing tools.

Mark any activity in Orbit as a contribution. Capture it on your dedicated program page.

Amplify all the great stuff folks create.

Share submissions via an auto-updated contributions hub - with a link, or embedded in a webpage or tool, like Notion, Airtable, or Confluence.

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Privately, with your team. Make it easy to share contributions across your organization.

Publicly, with your community. Turn individual submissions into a collective resource.

"We rely on Orbit's reporting to track our progress and measure the impact of specific community-building efforts."

Nicolas Hourcard