Plans for every community


Understand your community


Increase your community ROI
  • 10 seats
  • Unlimited members
  • Advanced enrichment
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Premium integrations
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited workflows


Tailored to your needs
  • Custom seat count
  • Unlimited members
  • Advanced enrichment
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Enterprise integrations
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Custom data exports
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Community strategist
  • White-glove onboarding
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We operate a startup program giving eligible companies Premium plan access to Orbit free for a year.
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Open Source and Nonprofits
If you’re associated with a non-commercial open source project or non-profit and need more capacity, we’ll hook you up.

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Member and activity filters

Create lists of users and activities based on custom criteria

GitHub Chrome extension

View Orbit stats from within GitHub, and add members to Orbit

Manual enrichment of bio information

Enrich bio info for individual members from Clearbit in addition to GitHub and Twitter

Advanced enrichment of bio information

Automatic enrichment of bio info for members from Clearbit, subject to usage limits**


Automatically tag members, send webhooks, trigger Slack notifications, or create leads in HubSpot/Salesforce based on custom rules


Get notified of key actions and notes added by collaborators, in the app or via email

Permission management

Add, remove and make a member an owner of a workspace


Create containers for all your community data and activities

Starter integrations

Build and communicate with your community

Growth integrations

Discover new members and grow your community across new platforms

Premium integrations

Connect community with teams across your business

Enterprise integrations

Bring community, customer, and product data together

Member profiles

A single view of a member inc. bio, metrics, and activity

Member timeline

A list of all activities, notes, and content related to a member

Organization list

See a list of organizations by activity dates, member, or employee count

Organization profiles

A single view of an organization's members, activity, notes, and bio information

Saved member and activity views

Segment members easily with saved filter settings for members and activity lists

Member reporting

Visualize member data and tag

Activity reporting

Visualize activity data and filter by type, channel, and group


See the most active members and filter by type, channel, and tag

Orbit Model

View members by Orbit level and Love

Custom report builder

Create and edit visualizations of member and activity data

Custom shared dashboards

Create, edit, and share custom collections of charts

Merge members

Remove duplicate and merge profiles from different tools

CSV imports

Add members or activities to Orbit in a spreadsheet

Member quick search

Quickly search all members and their metadata

Identity blocking

Prevent member or activity creation for usernames or emails

Member tagging

Group members into lists

Add activities

Add one-off activities to a member profile

Save notes

Add free-form notes to a member

Add content

Save tweets, videos, blog posts and other content to a member

Member and activity exports

Download lists of member and activity info as JSON or CSV

Custom data exports

Work with your dedicated CSM to get custom data queries run

Audit Logs

Review actions made across your workspace


Review and revoke device sessions

Two-Factor Authentication

Additional account security with 2FA

Email support

Ask questions, report bugs, or suggest improvements

Priority support

An email response within 2 business days

Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Direct support, on-going help, and guidance from a dedicated member of our success team

White glove onboarding

Hands-on help from our implementation team to discuss integrations and best practices


SAML-based single sign-on

Dedicated Community Strategist

Advice and check-ins with a dedicated member of our community team
* Note that these integrations are under development or being converted from manual to automatic setup. Please see the individual integration page for more details, or check out our roadmap.

** There is a monthly quota of profiles that can be automatically enriched in your workspace dependent upon plan type. See our knowledge base article for specifics.