Plans for every community



Understand and engage
For organizations just getting started with community building
Create up to:
  • 5 workspaces
  • 15 seats
  • 4 integrations
  • 10,000 members
  • 5 webhooks and custom alerts
  • 3 custom dashboards



Scale your community
For growing communities. Let’s build a plan to fit your needs.
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited seats
  • 1M+ members
  • Custom onboarding
  • Priority support and SLA
  • SSO
  • Increased API rate limits
  • Unlimited webhooks
  • Unlimited custom dashboards
Let’s chat
Open Source and Non Profits
If you need more capacity than what’s available on the Starter plan and you’re associated with a non-commercial open source or non-profit project, get in touch, and we’ll hook you up.
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Enriched bio information

Bio info automatically pulled in from GitHub, Clearbit, and Twitter

GitHub Chrome extension

View Orbit stats from within GitHub, and add members to Orbit

Member and activity filters

Create lists of users and activities based on custom criteria

Member exports

Download lists of member info as JSON or CSV

Permission management

Add, remove and make a member an owner of a workspace


Create containers for all your community data and activities

API and Webhooks

Get data into or out of Orbit


View participants in your channels and see how active they are


Sync forum member info and activities, like topics and replies


Get orgs and repos to import member and activity across them


View participants in your channels and see how active they are


Auto-import mentions of accounts and keywords


Connect your Orbit workspace to thousands of other services


Integrate Orbit data into complex workflows and connected services


Trigger Slack notifications or webhooks based on custom rules

Member profiles

A single view of a member inc. bio, metrics, and activity

Member timeline

A list of all activities, notes, and content related to a member

Activity reporting

Visualize activity data and filter by type, channel, and group

Custom report builder

Create and edit visualizations of member and activity data


See the most active members and filter by type, channel, and tag

Member reporting

Visualize member data and tag

Orbit Model

View members by Orbit level and Love

Merge members

Remove duplicate and merge profiles from different tools

CSV imports

Add members to Orbit in a spreadsheet

Member quick search

Quickly search all members and their metadata

Identity blocking

Prevent member or activity creation for usernames or emails

Member tagging

Group members into lists

Add activity

Add one-off activities to a member profile

Save notes

Add free-form notes to a member

Add content

Save tweets, videos, blog posts and other content to a member


Single sign-on

Priority support

Custom Slack channel and email address for faster resolution


SLAs for uptime and response times

Custom onboarding

Hands-on help from our implementation team to discuss integrations and best practices