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Connect with the people behind the PRs.

Orbit helps open source maintainers understand metrics and identify new contributors.

Turn code into community.

Know exactly who submitted that PR

Developer profiles

View a developer’s favorite languages, areas of interest, and recent community activity at a glance. All automatically imported from GitHub.

Add activities via API

Record members and contributions outside of GitHub via the Orbit API. Works great for contributions like documentation, events, and content.

Built for the builders

Orbit data on GitHub

Our Chrome extension adds useful developer information right into GitHub issues and PRs.

Integrate the API

Create members, add tags, edit notes, and save custom activities from anywhere. Read the docs to get started ››

Connect with Zapier

Integrate with countless tools to create custom workflows based on triggers from Zapier apps.

View activity across your community and repos

Celebrate your core contributors

Ready to try it?

Join us in Orbit.

In early access, we’re working closely with our early users to setup their implementation and get the most out of Orbit. Complete this form and we’ll be in touch soon.