Alexandra Martinez, Developer Advocate at MuleSoft

  • “Communicating new product releases in your community's preferred format is always a good idea. This will keep your community informed and will open a conversation to welcome feedback.”
  • “Make sure you listen to your community for any new content you prepare. It doesn't matter if you create great content if it's not going to be consumed by your community members.”

Justin Dorfman, Open Source Program Manager at Sourcegraph

  • “If you’re an Orbit user, check your Activities a minimum of once a day. From there you find activities you can interact with or [you can] find someone on your team that can. Offer them swag (if they are a fan) or invite them to your Slack/Discord.”

Giulia Motteran, Co-Founder and Head of Community at Readl

  • “To grow a community, collaboration among members and partnerships is extremely important.”
  • “As community builders, we should create the right environment and provide the right tools for our members to connect and collaborate with each other. There's no best indicator of a growing community other than seeing our members join forces and start beautiful projects using our technology or products.”
  • “Communities can exponentially grow through partnerships. The opportunity to learn from each other is something we don't want to miss. I believe joining forces with other players in the industry is pivotal for building a diverse and engaged community.”
  • “Collaboration with other industry players can be pivotal for your community growth. Even with the ones we consider competitors. The hard job is to find that win-win situation where both communities, yours and your partner's, can benefit from that synergy. But once it's found, the reward is proportionally great!”

Trey Botard, Developer Advocate at Atomic

  • “I've found that creating spaces for conversation among members with relevant goals and interests is crucial to building a community which provides value to its members.” 
  • “Additionally, proactively making introductions and connecting people really helps to spur conversations and make the connections which otherwise may have been missed.”