Guide: create a contributions hub

Community Growth
October 6, 2023

With Orbit Programs, it's easy to accept and collect user-created contributions, including blog posts, code, product feedback and more. Sharing these contributions in a contribution hub can help grow your program, provide your organization with social proof, and enrich and engage your community.

Here’s why you might want to share contributor program contributions:

  • To recognize and reward contributors. Sharing contributions publicly is a great way to recognize and reward contributors for their hard work and dedication. It shows that the company values their contributions and appreciates their efforts.
  • To attract new contributors. When potential contributors see the valuable contributions that are being made by others, they are more likely to be motivated to get involved themselves. Sharing contributions publicly is a great way to attract new talent and expertise to the contributor program.
  • To build trust and transparency. Sharing contributions publicly demonstrates the company's commitment to transparency and openness. It shows that the company is proud of the work that its contributors are doing and is willing to share it with the world.
  • To promote the contributor program and its benefits. Sharing contributions publicly helps to promote the contributor program and its benefits to both potential contributors and the general public. It shows that the program is a valuable asset to the company and the community.

By sharing contributor program contributions within your community - or publicly - you can create a more vibrant and sustainable program that benefits both your contributors and your organization.

Here’s how to create a contribution hub in Orbit 💜

Create a Program

If you haven’t already, create a Program in your Orbit workspace and start collecting contributions from your community members.

Mark Existing Activities as Contributions

You may already have contributions coming into Orbit as Activities that you want to mark as contributions on behalf of your members. Visit the Feed of your program and click on the Star icon next to the relevant activity.

Publish your contribution hub publicly

To help amplify your members’ contributions, Orbit Programs allows you to embed a real-time list of contributions in your website. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the “Contributions” page of your Program and click “Embed Contributions”
  2. Click “Create”
  3. A link will be shown. This link can be embedded in your website to publicize your program’s contributions.

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