Guide: collect contributions from your community members

Community Growth
October 6, 2023

Contributor programs, which encourage collaboration and engagement from diverse corners of your user base and community, have proven to be instrumental in driving growth, fostering innovation, and redefining the way companies operate. With Orbit Programs, it's easy to accept user-created contributions, including blog posts, code, product feedback and more.

Here are some of the key benefits of contributor programs:

  • Improved content and resources: Contributor programs can produce high-quality content and resources that are more relevant and useful to users. For example, you can encourage users to write blog posts, create tutorials, or translate documentation, which can help save time and resources, while also providing users with more valuable content.
  • Increased engagement and activity: Contributor programs can help increase engagement and activity among users and community members. When users feel valued and appreciated for their contributions, they’re more likely to continue using the product or service and to promote it to others.
  • Identification and development of talent: Contributor programs can help identify and develop talented individuals within a user base. For example, companies may offer mentorship programs or paid internships to contributors who demonstrate high potential. This can help companies build a pipeline of qualified candidates for future job openings.
  • Build a stronger brand: Contributor programs can help to build a stronger brand by showing that your organization is committed to listening to and engaging with your users.

Contributor programs can be a valuable tool for companies of all sizes to drive growth, foster innovation, and improve the quality of their products and services.

Here’s how to collect contributions from your community member in Orbit 💜

Create a Program in your Workspace

  • Click on “Programs” in the navigation Side-Bar
  • Click on "Set up my program”
  • Enter a Name and Description for your program and click “Create”

Configure your contributions form

In the Program Settings, you can configure your contributions form with the title and description.

Share the contribution form with your community

You can share your form by public URL that your program members can access and submit their contributions. You can share this link via a Discord/Slack Channel or email to your program members – or, send members their personalized form directly.

Send a member their personalized form in Orbit Programs

Once you’ve started collecting contributions, you can create a contributions hub and share it, with your community or publicly.

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